Free Microsoft Points Generator

You need a Free Microsoft Points Generator? You are tired of being the only one of all your friends who is not able to get always the newest games, DLC packs and avatars? You do not want to wait until they cost less and are not as cool anymore? You do want to be able to talk about the newest and coolest games on the store as soon as they get out?


Well, you just found the website that enables you to get all that!


The Microsoft Points Generator generates until 10,000 Microsoft Points per day. And when you want to get more games- just wait 24 hours and you get another code for additional 10,000 points.

Our Microsoft Points Generator enables you to get all kinds of XBox games, avatars, get downloadable content, DLC packs and even PC games at the XBox Live store.





We are willing to show you the answer to that question! Our newest website,, is a website where you are able to download your own Microsoft Points Generator – for free! The following pages will explain you in detail how you can finally get your free Microsoft Points, without any efforts and as easy as nowhere else.

A dream comes true! Finally, you can buy everything you always wanted to buy in the Xbox store but was too expensive for you to really get in the end. Our goal is to enable you to get everything you want in you Xbox store. To ensure that all of you can get it, we made it available for all consoles having a Xbox Live Store. So, no matter if you are having a Xbox One or a Xbox 360 – they sure are compatible with our brand new Microsoft Points Generator.

Do not worry about any consequences for you. We made sure that each user stays anonym while using the Generator. It is only working with the Microsoft Points Generator and does not access to any of your files or your computer in general. Also, there is a special tool installed on the Generator that ensures the secrecy. You will not notice any of it during your gain of points, it runs automatically.






Update 3.0: Live Support installed

Update 2.0: Coins can be used for the Xbox One store

Update 1.3: Install bugs fixed

Update 1.2: Limited amount of coins per day



-Supports Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS

-Undetectable (100% guaranteed by 50k user)

-Support Service 24/7h

-Daily checks about the functionality of the Generator

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